Onsite and Offsite Backup: The Key To An IT Disaster Recovery Plan

The Best Backup Solution - Pundits have said about computers in general and hard drives in particular: it isn't if it will fail however, if it will fail. If your details are positively mission critical to your business, you cannot ignore an onsite and offsite backup solution. Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 70 percent of small businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss will go out of business within a year.

Live in the Game

You depend on computers and technology. Developing the very best backup solution onsite and offsite backup method is essential. Your mission critical data are stored in your computers. Every business day you additionally treasure trove.

Data loss can occur through hardware or software failure or dangerous activities of hackers. Additionally, it may happen with simple user error. Onsite and offsite backup is the only sure strategy that can ameliorate this potentially catastrophic scenario.

Which will Do?

You now are faced with some important options to develop your onsite and offsite backup strategy:

o    What data backup software option is best for your company?

o    What reputable company can install the solution?

o    Will you backup just the data or maybe your entire system(s)?

o    In event of knowledge loss, who will restore that important data?

o    How much downtime can you expect when data are now being restored?

E-Tech 7 is a company with a lot of experience in onsite and offsite backup. Their comprehensive backup software solution will store copies of your data both onsite at their data center. They're going to set up a solid backup schedule and monitor its activities.

They will also develop a disaster recovery plan that is certainly tailored for your business. This frees you or your employees from constant checking of your backups and it frees that you do your business and make money.

Onsite Done Right

The solution locally on your network can be a key component of an onsite and offsite backup strategy. Data located at the office is immediately intended for any restorations. You will feel better with a copy of current business data at the site.

An E-Tech 7 onsite and offsite backup solution starts off with storage of your data burning down and waterproof external hard disk drives. Such drives will give you the best chance of survival in event of fire or a natural disaster. E-Tech 7 utilizes innovative mirror image backup software to make sure a speedy recovery and minimal downtime and interruption of economic operation.

Offsite in Site

You may be wondering about the safety of your data offsite. The e-Tech 7 onsite and offsite backup solution will keep you safe. Even if you are in the medical field, the backup is fully HIPPA compliant with Military Grade Encryption. You will not have to worry about maintaining special hardware or software, either.

This solution provides you with an unlimited file version history on secure data centers. You'll have a proven disaster recovery plan. The onsite and offsite backup solution also compliments any existing content management platforms. With E-Tech 7, you are safe.

Watching Out For You

E-Tech 7 can also be committed to monitoring your data. Their automated backup health monitoring process constantly tracks performance and status of your respective scheduled backup jobs. This integral portion of their onsite and offsite backup solution provides real-time visibility of your backup status.

Any errors or exceptions may also be tracked and a report is emailed for your requirements and designated employees. The onsite and offsite backup solution now offers an administrator interface that allows you to customize these reports.

Full Recovery

No one wants a catastrophic equipment failure combined with data loss. These events, however, do happen. A comprehensive onsite and offsite backup solution allows you to intelligently prepare for the worst. Having an E-Tech 7 plan in place, restoration of affected computers could happen swiftly.

If disaster happens, E-Tech 7 are prepared for full restoration of your systems. Using Hardware Independent Restore (HIR) technologies allows restoration to current machines or new replacement computers. Using this type of effective onsite and offsite backup, you may also browse the backup images to recover just a specific file or folder.

Losing Details are Not an Option

In a directory Graziadio Business Review, David M. Smith, PhD quantifies causes of data loss. 40 percent of loss is due to hardware failure followed by an astounding 29 percent due to human error. Other causes include software corruption and computer viruses. Only 3 percent is due to destruction of hardware. (http://gbr.pepperdine.edu/2010/08/the-cost-of-lost-data/)

Data Backup Software - It is obvious that fire or natural disaster related tragedy is only a remote chance. It is also plain that this words with which we began are very true: it is not if however, if it will fail. Likewise, users have to be thoroughly trained to minimize human error. All that coupled with onsite and offsite backup will give you the protection that you need. Click here to view ETech7's options.


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